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Editing and proofreading services

Helen Birkbeck

Skills: copy-editing, proofreading, translation

Subjects: business/commerce, religion/theology, languages/ESOL, social sciences

Types of publication: books, theses, reports, journals, exam papers, website copy

About me: freelance for 15 years, I work mostly on screen but also proofread on paper. As well as my ‘specialist areas’ I will tackle most general subjects.

Email: editing@birkbecks.net

Website: http://www.hb-editorial.co.uk

LinkedIn: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/helenbirkbeckeditorial

Location: Thirsk


Rachel Blaylock

Rachel Blaylock

Skills: Proofreading, copy-editing, desk research, language editing, audio transcribing.

Editing both on paper – standard BSI proofreading symbols, and digital – Word/Pages using Track Changes or PDFs using stamps or comments.

Subjects: All subjects welcome, while areas of particular interest include education, religion/theology, food, arts and music.

Types of publication:  Magazines, apps, websites, corporate communications, brochures, business documents including annual reports, college prospectuses, student dissertations, medical papers and patient information sheets, non-fiction book projects, website content.

About me:

I have experience in both print and digital products, have worked for large corporate organisations (including plcs) as well as small businesses and publishers in the media, advertising and marketing sectors. I also am happy to take on student dissertations for which I offer a discounted rate.

I can use traditional BSI marks on both paper and pdf as well as Track Changes and am always keen to learn anything new.

Previous clients include: Hodder & Stoughton, Immediate Media Co, Future plc, Spitalfields Life publishing, Hashtag Press.

SfEP Associate

Email: rachelmblaylock@yahoo.co.uk


LinkedIn: Rachel Blaylock


Location: Harrogate, North Yorks


Nadine Tilbury

Skills: copy-editing, proofreading, language editing

Subjects: law, policy, education, ELT, disability studies, social care, public sector

Types of publication: corporate communications, dissertations and theses, presentations, reports, grant proposal narratives, case studies, conference papers, training materials, consultation documents, e-learning materials, policies and strategies, operational guidance, journal articles, book chapters, magazines, newsletters, brochures and leaflets

About me:  I have extensive experience (20+ years) of writing, editing and proofreading legal documents, reports, articles, book chapters and training materials; public sector policies and operational guidance (in particular, criminal and family justice, education, social care and disability); and English language training materials.

I am a qualified Solicitor, CELTA and PTLLS trainer. I am an Associate of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders.

Email: nadine.tilbury@sky.com

Location: York

Eva Fairnell

Eva Fairnell

Skills: research, writing, editing, copy-editing, language editing, proofreading, project management

Subjects: general science, biology, environmental biology, archaeology, zooarchaeology

Types of publication: textbooks, monographs, multi-authored volumes, journal articles

About me:  I am a scientific, technical and medical (STM) copy-editor, specialising in academic and educational publications, and journal production. I was originally trained in-house at Blackwell Scientific Publications in the 1980s, and have been self-employed for more than 20 years. I am also a freelance zooarchaeologist with experience as a curator and researcher. 

Email: editorial@fairnell.co.uk

Website: http://www.fairnell.co.uk/

Location: York

Jennie Roman

Skills: copy-editing, proofreading, anglicising, line editing, collating, light indexing and book planning. I also take on project-management roles and writing, and work with unpublished authors when my schedule allows.

Subjects: I mostly work on fiction for children, but happily turn my hand to adult books and non-fiction too (see below).

Types of publication: all genres of children’s publishing, from picture and activity books to non-fiction, education, licensing, ebooks and audio books, plus fiction for all ages, from children’s to YA and adult. My experience of adult titles is mostly mass-market fiction, biography and cookery.

About me: After 12 years’ in-house experience of children’s publishing, including seven years at Puffin Books as editorial manager, I am now a freelance book editor in York, fitting the job I love around family life. I am passionate about editing both children’s and adult titles and proud to have regular work from top UK publishers, including Puffin, Penguin, Ladybird, OUP, Quercus, Chicken House, Egmont, Carlton and Parragon. My super power is never missing a deadline.

Email: jennie.roman.editor@gmail.com


Location: York, England

Carol Downes

Carol Downes

Skills: copy-editing, proofreading

Subjects: education (ELT) and training materials in print, online resources and interactive formats

Types of publication: student’s books, teacher’s books, workbooks, online resource centres (student’s and teacher’s) presentation kits, CD-ROMs, audio, corporate communications; publicity material, newsletters

About me: I am a highly motivated professional with excellent organisational skills and my business background has provided me with distinctive competences. I thrive on forging collaborative relationships with clients to consistently achieve high-quality results.

I am constructive, flexible in my approach, raising queries only where necessary. I understand design conventions and work effectively within deadlines.

I am a considerate and supportive team player and the core values that guide my work are respect, honesty and commitment.

I have a passion for semantics and enjoy working on diverse projects and I am happy to undertake work on any material.

Email: caroldownes@btinternet.com

LinkedIn: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/caroldownes

Location: York

Yvonne Harmer


Skills: development editing, content-editing, copy-editing, proofreading (hard copy and electronic mark-up)

Subjects: English language teaching, Business English, English for Specific Purposes

Types of publication: books, PDF and online resources

About me:  Freelance since 1996, specialising in ELT course materials: student’s books, workbooks, skills books, exam books, teacher’s resource books, online teacher training materials, online student resources, CD-ROMs. Clients include OUP, CUP, Macmillan, Pearson Education, British Council

Email: yvonne.harmer@btinternet.com

Twitter: @YvonneHarmer

LinkedIn: uk.linkedin.com/in/yvonneharmer

Location: York