York Editors

Editing and proofreading services


York Editors is a network of freelance editorial professionals. We work independently, offering different expertise.

Read about each editor’s experience and find contact details in our personal entries.

  • Mandy Appleyard Journalism, business copywriting and editing, thesis proofreading
  • Helen Birkbeck Non-fiction; academic and business publications; German, Norwegian
  • Rachel Blaylock Non-fiction
  • Carol Downes Education (ELT) and training materials, other non-fiction
  • Eva Fairnell STM, archaeology and educational publishing
  • Alison Farrell Fiction, education, business communications
  • Claire Gell Non-fiction for a general audience, film, science, nature, music, food
  • Jenny Gwynne Educational publishing, especially French, German, Italian; university communications
  • Vanessa Halocha Music including printed music, music compositions, dissertations, theses
  • Yvonne Harmer ELT: primary, secondary, business, ESP/EAP, teacher resources
  • Anna Honing Non-fiction, literature, history, ELT, business, health and social care training materials
  • Hilary Marsden Non-fiction, ELT, reference
  • Linda Mellor Educational publishing and non-fiction materials
  • Sarah Perkins Finance, business, music, craft
  • Jennie Roman Fiction, non-fiction, children’s specialist
  • Julie Stone Law
  • Louise Swingler
  • Sharon Telfer Charity communications, social issues, arts for social good
  • Nadine Tilbury Law, policy, education, public sector, social care
  • Andrea Turner Educational publishing, Spanish, phonics
  • Sarah Wright Arts and heritage, business, cookery, humanities, languages, local interest, social policy