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Jenny Gwynne

JMG Oct 14

Skills: copy-editing, proofreading, project management

Subjects: education, especially French, German, Italian, English

Types of publication: textbooks, workbooks, audio scripts, multi-component courses; university and business prospectuses, reports and brochures of all kinds

About me:  I have over 25 years’ experience of freelance editorial work. My initial training came from working for two London language-learning specialist publishers: BBC Languages and Mary Glasgow Publications. Since going freelance in 1993, I’ve worked continuously on MFL projects for major UK educational publishers such as CUP, HarperCollins, Hodder, OUP and Pearson. I work on first draft manuscripts with authors at the development edit stage, and with the production team to copyedit the material, and I proofread at all stages through to publication.

Examples of work outside educational publishing: I regularly edit and project-manage prospectuses and brochures for the University of York; I project-managed the guidebook Child-friendly York for the local NCT; and I create and edit programmes and posters for York Musical Society concerts in York Minster. I am happy to consider any interesting projects.

I am an Advanced Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading.

Email: jenny.gwynne@ntlworld.com


Twitter: @JennyGwynneEdit


Location: York (central / Clifton)

Author: Jenny Gwynne

I am a freelance editor with 25 years’ experience in educational publishing, specialising in French, German and Italian learning materials. I also edit business or university publications – prospectuses, reports, brochures. Whatever the project, I can help you achieve clear and accurate text, on time and on budget, resolving every knotty problem along the way.

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