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Beverley Palmer

Skills: proofreading, proof-editing, copy-editing, language editing, qualitative data analysis, equality charter developmental editing.

Subjects: social research, equality and diversity, policy, women’s studies, public sector, management, librarianship and information studies, social sciences, humanities, local history.

Types of publication: corporate communications, research, journals, magazines and newsletters, presentations, online learning materials, websites and blogs, non-fiction books, higher education equality charter submissions (Athena Swan and Race Equality Charter).

About me: Prior to becoming a full-time editor and proofreader, I enjoyed roles in both local authority and higher education as an equality and diversity professional, a senior policy officer, a librarian and an in-house proofreader. As part of this work I wrote, edited and proofread reports, policy documents, presentations, equality charter submissions and countless other documents.

My professional experience and my editorial training have given me an understanding of the needs of businesses and organisations. I ensure documents are well-written, consistent and easy to understand.

I am an intermediate member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) and have trained with the CIEP, the Publishing Training Centre and the Proofreading Academy. I also have an MSc with Distinction in Social Research, an MSc in Information Studies and a Certificate in Management Studies.

Email: bevlpalmer@gmail.com

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/beverleypalmer

Location: Beverley, East Yorkshire

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